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Harrachov Glassworks

Novosad and son glassworksis the second oldestprivately owned glassworks in the Czech Republic. It was founded before 1712 in the Jilemnice estate of Count Harrach. It has preserved the traditional method of production.


Harrachov Glass Museum

The Glass Museum is part of the glassworks. It houses a historically and technologically comprehensive collection of historical glasswares from the Harrachov glassworks.


Harrachov Brewery

The microbrewery and restaurant were constructed in 2002, directly inside the glassworks premises, next to the main metallurgical hall of the glass factory. The glass manufacturing can be viewed through a window from the restaurant itself. Comfortable heating can be experienced by going from the restaurant to a gallery above red-hot furnaces, where visitors can feel the pleasant warm.

Harrachov Ski Museum

Traditional for the Great Mountains – glassmaking – forestry activities – mines – artefacts from the past – ski development (universal, cross-country skiing, jumps) – mock-up of a giant bridge – sports awards won by Czech athletes.


Harrachov Mining Museum

The Mining Museum and viewing tunnel were opened in March 2003 in the former drift platform. There are samples of minerals and fluorite deposits, tools and equipment used in mining, plus maps and also photographs documenting the work at the local deposit. The sightseeing gallery is about 1000 m long, showing a typical environment in an illuminated ore mine withunloaded crushed gravel, the average annual temperature is 10-12 ° C (visitors are advised to wear warm clothing). Visitors are givena helmet and jacket and in addition see the complete hoist, mine cars, rechargeable locomotive, mining loader, etc. The guided tour takes about one hour and visitors can learn about the work at the now decommissioned ore mines.

Mumlava waterfall

The river Mumlava is in a valley approximately 1.5 km from Harrachov and has a waterfall of about 10 m high. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and the biggest waterfalls in the Czech Republic. Just a few meters upstream due to erosion you can also find an interesting phenomenon – the so-called ‘giant boilers’ (giant pots) – boulders and rock plates with “bowls” that push the stream current further.


The Šindelka Giant Mountains Museum

The exhibition is located in a granite building called‘Šindelka’. Shingle roofing was produced there since the early 19th century up until the 1930s. The last 60,000 shingles produced in 1934 were used on the old Elbe shed. The forestry exhibition is located on the ground floor and acquaints visitors with forestry issues, from the extraction of trunkson paths and removal for further processing to subsequent reforestation and care.


Tanvald Cog railway – Harrachov

The only cog railway in the Czech Republic represents a unique cultural and technical monument. Trains on this line once went over elevations of several hundred meters at the steepest section from Tanvald to Kořenov therefore uses the cog. Few railways can boast as many “firsts” as the Jizera Mountain-Great Mountains railway line Tanvald – Harrachov, which can be found in the timetable under the number 035. What’s maybe the mostinteresting thing is that it not has only a unique design, but also its rich history. It became a regular destination for many admirers of railways and technical monuments from all over Europe and in 1992 the section Tanvald – Kořenovwas declared a cultural monument by the Ministry of Culture.

Animation programs

OREA Hotels & Resorts – your family holiday in the Czech Republic

Your children won’t get bored with us. There is plenty of entertainment for them. We have prepared a lot of creative games and tasks for them in our Children’s Club. And we have thought of adults as well. There are sports activities and competitions for them. What you choose only depends on you and your children.


In the main winter (December 25, 2021 – March 20, 2022) and summer (July 1 – September 1, 2022) seasons, the children’s club is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


During spring and autumn it is open on certain Fridays from 5 to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 9 to 11:30 a.m. and then between 3 and 6 p.m. The evening programme starting at 7 p.m. features Disco Games with Eliška the fox.


The up-to-date programme can be found at hotel reception.


We are looking forward to seeing you.


Yours, Czech Animation Team and the OREA Hotels & Resorts Team.

Cross-country skiing

Go on a journey through the most beautiful areas of Harrachov and its surroundings.
You can choose from several levels of difficulty. Visit the Elbe River, or enjoy the view from the Devil’s Mountain.




Description of cross country skiing: ski racing track Harrachov 5 km
Difficulty: Easy

Harrachov stadion- at the ski stadium – intersection – at the ski stadium – the stadium Harrachov.




Description of cross-country tracks: The Devil’s Mountain lift from Rýžoviště, without much further climb around Ručičky back.
Difficulty: Easy

Devil’s Mountain – Turning to the Devil’s Mountain – U Janovy Skály – signpost, Janova Skála – Studenov- Devil plain Top- Ručičky – Giant Tour – Rýžoviště, Parking.



Description of cross-country tracks: Output from Harrachov Mumlava valley, returning after Terex-Janoušková way. Along a very well maintained tracks.
Difficulty: Medium

Harrachov bus station – Hřebenka – Mumlava waterfall – Mumlava way – Krakonoš breakfast – over Krakonoš breakfast – Under Vosecká bouda – Terex Way – Under Jakšín – Spáleniště – Under The white hill – In pine – Mumlava waterfall – Hřebenka- Harrachov bus station.



Description of cross-country tracks: Output from Harrachov ski highway on Vosecká bouda return after Terex-Janoušková way. Along a well maintained roads.
Difficulty: Difficult

Harrachov bus station – Hřebenka – Mumlava bus – Mumlava way – Krakonoš breakfast – over Krakonoš breakfast – under Vosecká hut – Vosecká hut- Terex Way – Under Jakšín – Spáleniště -Under The White hill – In pine – Mumlava waterfall – Hřebenka – Harrachov bus station.




Description of cross-country tracks: The lightest of the three circuits Harrachov, also for the ski expressway through Alfrédka and Jakšín.
Difficulty: Medium

Harrachov camp – Under the customs – Alfrédka – Under Jakšín – Spáleniště – under white peak – In pine – Harrachov camp.




Description of cross country skiing: Harrachov – Špindlerův Mlýn
Difficulty: Medium

Harrachov bus station – Hřebenka – Mumlava waterfall – Mumlava way – Krakonoš breakfast – over Krakonoš breakfast – under Vosecká bouda- Vosecká bouda- Labská meadow – Mumlava meadow signpost – Mumlava meadow – Pančavská meadow – Golden hill, view – Vrbata – Gold hill , slope – turning to Medvědín – Masaryk road – Upper Mountains, Signpost – over Bedřichov – Funicular Medvědín, parking.




Description of cross-country trails: Ridge hike. On Labská meadow around Dvořačky and Kotle, back to Harrachov over Vosecká bouda.
Difficulty: Medium

Rýžoviště parking – Krakonošova Tour – Ručičky – Dvořačky – under Kotelský saddle – At Aurora´s Garden, signpost – Pančavská meadow – Mumlava meadow – Elbe meadow , signpost – Vosecká bouda – under Vosecká bouda – over Krakonoš breakfast- Krakonoš breakfast, signpost – Mumlava way – Mumlava waterfall – Hřebenka – Harrachov bus station.




Description of cross-country tracks: Mumlava valley to the Giant’s breakfast, continue along forest tracks Ručičky and through Studenov back to Harrachov.
Difficulty: Medium

Harrachov bus station – Hřebenka – Mumlava waterfall – Mumlava way – Krakonoš breakfast – Kládová way – Krakonoš Way – Ručičky – Devil’s plain top – Studenov – Rýžoviště, parking.

Cycling Routes

Due to its location, the OREA Resort Sklář in Harrachov offers perfect conditions for cycling. Ride your bicycle around the beautiful mountainous countryside and enjoy the unrivalled views from Čertova hora (Devil’s Mountain). Our trail will lead you to the most beautiful places, which you shouldn’t miss during your visit to the Krkonoše.




Link to the map
Length: 24km
Elevation difference: 410m

Trail description: 
Harrachov, Nový Svět. The trail begins in Harrachov’s Nový Svět near the Motejlek Hotel. From there it leads along the main road through Janov and to the crossroads at Mýto. At the crossroads, near the petrol station, it slightly ascends to the right, all the way to the arch bridge across the Jizera River. When you have crossed the bridge, turn right onto the main road going to Kořenov. Ride up the hill past the Márt Restaurant and the U Krbu guest house to the train station.
Kořenov, train station. From the train station, go straight on and when you have crossed the railroad, there is a longer ascent to Horní Polubný. At the first crossroads, near the Sport Hotel, turn right and there is another ascent on the local road all the way to Václavíkova Studánka on the top. Continue, without turning anywhere, to the car park under Bukovec in the settlement of Jizerka.
Jizerka, car park under Bukovec – Mořina. Go across the car park, then turn right to the forest and take the forest road, descending steeply at first, to the railroad bridge above the road. Another descent leads all the way to the first fork situated lower in Kořenov. At this fork turn left onto the old bridge across the Jizera and continue between the cottages. Now you are in Údolí naděje. For most of the time the trail from the car park under Bukovec to there follows the red hiking trail.
Kořenov, Údolí naděje.  Continue up the hill towards the forest. Then, past the barrier, there is a steep ascent along the forest road to Mýtiny. This section does not follow the red hiking trail. The rest is along the local road which you already know.




Link to the map
Length: 15.3km
Elevation difference: 240m

Trail description: 
Harrachov, Nový Svět. The trail begins in Harrachov’s Nový Svět near the Motejlek Hotel. From there it ascends mildly along the main road for about 150 metres and turns left onto Hába Bridge across the Milnice. After that go almost in the opposite direction along the side road – at first it leads nearly on flat ground and then ascends slightly all the way below the train station at Mýtiny. If – at the end of this ascent – you turn right under the viaduct and then left, you will arrive at the train station. (The road leads to a tourist crossing on the Czech-Polish border.) Continue across the railroad track and descend under the station to the original trail.
Harrachov, Mýtiny. Ride across the car park and go straight on – the road ends here – and past the chalet and the garages near the forest turn right, off the red hiking trail. After about a twenty-meter ascent, past the barrier, turn left, down the hill. Follow the hard-surface forest road to Údolí naděje in Kořenov.
Kořenov, Údolí naděje. After descending to a flat, turn right in front of the cottages towards Údolí Naděje. The hard-surface forest road leads almost along the contour line on the right-hand side of the Jizera and you can find many good places for swimming and for sunbathing on large boulders in the river. After you get to the railroad bridge (the road goes on to Poland), take the same road back to the cottages on the flat. Turn right, go between the cottages and onto the old bridge leading to the Jizera Mountains. At the first signpost (after about 150 metres) turn left and then right up the road. Keep going up the road, past the Márt Hotel to the U Krbu guest house, which is about 150 metres under the Kořenov train station.
Kořenov, U Krbu guest house. From the U Krbu guest house take the blue hiking trail, turning left. The forest road takes you to Lesní chata. Then follow the local tarmac road (no hiking trail marking) all the way to the main road under the local school. Turn left to descend along the main road to the arch bridge across the Jizera. Turn right in front of the bridge and take the local road past Cutisinu, which is a producer of artificial sausage casings, to the fork below. Higher up the road you can visit a rope climbing centre, which you can see beyond the river. Turn left to cross the old bridge (there is the Jizera again) and go on to the Hotýlek Hotel in Mýto – this is your last chance to get some refreshments.
Harrachov, Mýto. Past the Hotýlek Hotel in Mýto, turn left along the road and then at the crossroads on the main road turn right. There is a mild ascent through Janov (where you can see a flume for a small hydroelectric power station at the local sawmill) and to the beginning of a short loop, i.e. to Harrachov’s Nový Svět.




Link to the map
Length: 25.2km
Elevation difference: 700m

Trail description: 
Harrachov, Nový Svět. This trail also begins at the Motejlek Hotel. Take the main road to the crossroads near the Karolína Hotel. Turn right to go through the whole of Harrachov to the bus station. Then turn right onto the bridge across the Mumlava, following the green hiking trail to Rýžoviště, and then take the beautiful Krakonoš Road with its longer mild ascent leading to the Ručičky fork.
Ručičky, fork. Turn right at the fork near the kiosk. At first the trail almost follows the contour line, then it descends slightly and later starts ascending to the fork in Studenov. The hard-surface forest road, called Janova cesta (Jan’s Road), follows the blue hiking trail.
Studenov, fork. There’s a flat past the chalet. Then turn left to go down the hill along the hard-surface road to the fork at Krásná vyhlídka.
Alternative A 22.7 kmAt the chalet near Studenov go straight to the Čertova hora ski slope and at the beginning of a mild ascent turn left. Go down the hill and into the sharp left bend below. On the right you can see ski jumps and under you the town of Harrachov. This alternative connects to the main route here. 
Krásná vyhlídka, fork. Turn right at the fork and go up the hill past the cottages in the forest (this part is called Hleďsebe), without turning anywhere, all the way to a flat. Then turn right and follow the trail for about 1.2 km to the ski jumps. You will return to this fork later.
Čertova hora, fork at ski jumps. After seeing Harrachov from above you can return to the fork below. From there follow the tarmac road and you can go all the way to the road in Janov without pedalling. Watch out for the barrier at the end of this section. After reaching the road go on descending to the left past the sawmill in Janov and head towards Mýto.
Alternative B 20.8 kmTurn rightalong the main road and go to the beginning of this route. 
Mýto, crossroads. Turn left at the crossroads and then right between the petrol station and the Hotýlek Hotel in Mýto. After crossing the Jizera on the old bridge turn right and start ascending past the rope climbing centre behind the water and higher past the Cutisin factory to the main road. Cross the main road, go straight on and turn right at the Sandra hotel. Turn right at the signpost and across the bridge to the cottages in Kořenov, Údolí naděje. Follow the road between the cottages straight to the forest, and past the bridge the trail starts ascending steeply all the way to Mýtiny on the top. From the car park under the train station in Mýtiny take the road. At first the trail follows a flatland and then there is a nice descent to the beginning of this route.




Link to the map
Length: 35km
Elevation difference: 680m

Trail description: 
Harrachov, Nový Svět. The route begins in Harrachov, Nový Svět, at the Motejlek Hotel. Go down the main road and across Černý most (Black Bridge) to a left turning taking the opposite direction to Nová Janova cesta (New Jan’s Road), which is situated about 100 m above the sawmill and begins ascending. There’s a barrier higher up the road. Keep going up the hill on this nice tarmac road for three kilometres to the Na Kamlu fork. Then take the green trail turning left and go almost all the way to the giant ski jump tower. Turn right and follow the road to the ski slope above.
Alternative A 32.6 km: Take the chairlift with your bike (for free) to the top of Čertova hora. That saves you the vertical distance of 370 m. After a short ride on the slope the routes join each other. 
Čertova hora, ski slope. On the ski slope turn right to the fork. Then turn right again following the blue hiking trail all the way to Studenov. The trail leads past Janova skála (Jan’s Rock) turning almost along the contour. Be careful during the steep descend at the end of this section.
Studenov, fork. At the fork go straight on, then ascend slightly and go along the flatland to the fork at Ručičky. This whole section follows the blue trail. Turn left past the kiosk and follow the green trail downhill for about 0.9 km to the first turning on the right. Then, turning right, take the tarmac road, called Kládová cesta (Log Road), to the fork called Krakonošova snídaně (Krakonoš’s Breakfast) in the valley of the Mumlava.
Alternative B 17.9 kmFrom Ručičky take the green trail descending a long way along a nice tarmac road (Krakonošova cesta, i.e. Krakonoš Road) to Harrachov. 
Krakonošova snídaně, fork. From the fork the trail goes uphill along a hard-surface road leading to Vosecká bouda (red trail). Leave this trail after 1.3 km and turn left into Janouškova cesta (Janoušek Road), also called Terex. It goes alternately up and downhill to the main road leading from Harrachov to Poland. Turn right on this road and follow it for about 300 metres to the Polish border crossing, where you can visit a shop instead of the original restaurant.
Alternative C 26.8 km: Take the red trail from Krakonošova snídaně descending all the way to Mumlavské vodopády (the Mumlava Falls) and then to Harrachov. 
Harrachov – Jakuszyce: Czech–Polish border crossing. A long descent on the main road takes you to the beginning of this route.




Link to the map
Length: 45.2km
Elevation difference: 865m

Trail description: 
Harrachov, Nový Svět. This route also begins in Harrachov’s Nový Svět near the Motejlek Hotel. From the main road turn left onto a side road and then under the shop in the housing estate turn right. After that ride along the whole of Anenské údolí (Anna Valley) past the Čertova hora chairlift and onto a road that goes through Harrachov. Turn right and at the beginning of the bus station turn right again and onto the bridge across the Mumlava. From there take the green hiking trail to Rýžoviště. From Rýžoviště follow the beautiful Krakonoš Road to the Zátiší restaurant near the forest. Then the road goes a long way slightly uphill to the Ručičky fork. This part also leads along the green hiking trail. Turn right at the fork and start the mild but long ascent to Dvoračky.
Dvoračky, chalet. Turn right past the chalet onto the red trail descending steeply to the fork in Sedlo pod Dvoračkami (Pass under Dvoračky). Then follow the green trail or continue straight on along a better road – which means you turn left after you reach the roadway.
Rezek, settlement and fork. Past the refreshment shop turn right onto the road and follow the green trail to the end of the forest. Then turn left and immediately afterwards turn right onto the green trail again. Past Hejlov the trail descends mildly turning right off the tarmac road and leading to the fork in Bratrouchov. At the fork – 100 metres under the large Omega guest house, which is situated to the right of the road – turn left off the green trail and go downhill to the main road near the Jizera. The turn left and past Hradsko – which is on the right behind the river – in a long left bend turn right across the old bridge, which can be seen from the road. Take the narrow road to go uphill and then turn right onto the yellow trail. Follow the hard-surface forest road all the way to the Nístějka castle ruin, which is just off the road.
Nístějka, castle ruin. After looking around the ruin continue along the yellow trail. The rocky road is not in a good condition and you are likely to dismount and lead your bike part of the way. However, the steep ascent is soon replaced by a better road and higher up you can turn right to Dykova skála (Dyk Rock). The trail is marked. After that the trail ascends mildly and you can continue to Vysoké nad Jizerou.
Vysoké nad Jizerou, town. You will arrive in the town along the road, go past the church and turn right into the square. Ride across the square and later go down past the skiing area in Šachty without turning anywhere. Continue all the way to the crossroads near the Mexiko Restaurant in Sklenařice. Go up the mildly ascending road all the way (about 1.5 km) to the first crossroads above. Turn right and descend to the next crossroads. Turn left and follow the road to the church and the museum in Paseky.
Paseky nad Jizerou, settlement. In front of the church turn right and go steeply down to an intersecting road about 500 metres below. Turn left, following the blue trail called Planýrka, and go on almost along the contour to the fork in Mýto. Then take the already familiar road to the beginning of our longer loop.

Sports facilities and activities

Wellness & Relaxation

The health and wellness centre is an ideal place for your free time or during bad weather. In the cosy atmosphere of our wellness centre or relaxation & care centres you can recharge your batteries and regain your strength during our treatments accompanied by relaxing music. Rich offer of massages and beauty treatments.


The billiard table is situatednext to the reception. Cues and balls are free to borrow at the reception. Billiards is open daily from 09:00 to 24:00. The rental fee is 90 CZK per hour. Reservation required spaces at the hotel reception.


Bowling in Harrachov

The bowling clubHarrachovis located in the nearby area of ADOS, approx. a 15-minute walk. The club has four bowling lanes. On weekends, we recommend booking lanes in advance, the hotel receptionwill be happy to make the reservation for you. Opening hours are 13:00 to 1:00 h. The price for renting the lanes is from CZK 290 per hour.


Golf course in Harrachov

Harrachov – the green world of the Giant Mountains has the only golf course in the area with a tee for the youngest golfers as part of “Family Courses”, where children are becoming equal to their parents. The location of the course in the mountain resort allows you to combine golf with a family holiday. This is the highest course in Bohemia (730 m asl), set in the beautiful countryside of the western Giant Mountains. This nine-hole course is involved in the project ‘’Family Courses’’. It is a 60 par course, with a length of 2992 meters from the yellow tees. It is possible to use other facilities too – mountain biking, tennis, hiking, mini golf, and swimming pool.


Harrachov obstacle course

The PROUD – Harrachov obstacle course is located in the Giant Mountains National Park at the confluence of the rivers Jizera and Mumlava. The complex covers an area of 5,500 m2 and is situated in pure unadulterated nature so you will not be distracted by anything and you will be able to intensively enjoy this unique experience. The obstacle coursecontains an area of low obstacles, newly opened ‘low team obstacles’, training wall, several activities under the banner “problem solving”, 10 individual and 5 team high obstacles (heights from 4-11 meters) and at the end there is a the (Challenge tower) with several vertical obstacles and a platform height of 12 meters. From the platform there is an 80-meter cableway.


Bobsleigh track Harrachov

Top foreign technology enables the bobsleigh track in Harrachov to provide the ultimate bobsleighing experience. This attraction is available to everyone from 2 to 100 years. Fast bobsleighsare controlled by the riders themselves using brake levers so they can each choose a peace that suits them individually. The bobsleigh track can be run individually or in pairs with children or friends.


Monkey Park Harrachov

There is a 273 meter long climbing centre with 14 obstacles called MONKEYPARK. MONKEYPARK is intended for the general public, including children taller than 140 cm. It is designed in such a way that it is accessible to an untrained visitor or child of a given height. Visitors to Spindleruv Mlyn and Harrachov will be able to go on all rides(except for the bobsleigh) and only pay once at one point which makes it an even more attractive activity. MONKEYPARK involves the gradual overcoming of obstacles suspended on ropes between trees at a height of 3-7 meters. At the same time the obstaclesare placed between the trees on a special base on which visitors can rest and also moves after one obstacle is overcome to another.

Downhill skiing, skiing equipment hire and skiing school

Harrachov offers a large number of perfectly groomed ski slopes and ski lifts for all skiers from beginners to experienced skiers or snowboarders. Those who don’t go skiing can use toboggan runs or hiking trails. All information regarding the ski slopes on Čertova hora (including the ski bus schedule) can be found on

As a guest of the OREA Resort Sklář, at the reception you will get a Harrachov Card, which you allows you to get discounted fares and use the ski bus for free. There is a ski bus stop right next to the Sklář. We recommend that the youngest skiers and beginners use Skiareál Hilbert in the centre of Harrachov.

You can also use our ski and snowboard hire centre and GGR Vertical Sports service, located in the OREA Resort Sklář (next to the ski room). You can also hire sledges and snowshoes. If you are a beginner or if you want to improve your skiing technique, GGR Vertical Sports also offers a skiing and snowboarding school. All information and online ordering form can be found on Individual guests of the OREA Resort Sklář have a 10% discount. Discounts for groups are also available.

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